The Global Health Institute encourages and supports interactions among faculty and students at UGA and beyond. Our faculty are engaged in diverse research projects in many different regions and countries throughout the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. These projects cover the topics of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Zika, Ebola, maternal and child health, birth defects, environmental exposures and cancer, mental health, alcohol and other substance use, traffic accidents and safety, and the effects of and responses to natural disasters. Researchers are funded through federal, state, and foundation grants.

Selected Active Grants

Chris Whalen,
M.D., M.S.
Community Transmission of Tuberculosis in Urban Africa, NIH, R01AI093856 $1,148,982
  Computational and Molecular Biology Training in TB and HIV in Uganda, NIH, D43TW010045 $895,207
José Cordero,
PROTECT:   Puerto Rico testsite for Exploring Contamination Threat, NIH Through Northeastern University, P42ES01798 $686,653
  Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes in Puerto Rico (ECHO-PRO), NIH Through Northeastern University, UG3OD023251 $141,876
Tamora Callands, Ph.D Promoting Mental and Sexual Health Among Young Pregnant Women in Liberia, NIH, K01TW009660 $524,954
Nathan Hansen, Ph.D,  B.S Youth FORWARD: Capacity Building in Alternate Delivery Platforms and Implementation Models for Bringing Evidence-Based Behavioral Interventions to Scale for Youth Facing Adversity in West Africa, NIH Through Harvard University, U19MH109989 $43,938
Luke Naeher,
Ph.D, M.S.
Household air pollution and health: a multi-country LPG intervention trial-core, NIH Through Emory University, UM1HL134590 $137,918
  Regional Geohealth Hub centered in Peru – Peru & U.S. sites, NIH Through Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, U2RTW010114 $91,459
Jia-Sheng Wang, M.D., Ph.D Feed the Future Food Security Innovation Lab: Collaborative Research on Peanut Productivity & Mycotoxin Control, USAID, AID-OAA-L-10-00006 $2,454,381
  Aflatoxins and Child Nutrition in Asia and in Africa Through Tufts University, AID-OAA-G-14-00003 $365,154